May 052012

Current team standings and squad results have been updated.

Unfortunately I need to cross-check some information for masters qualifying, however it will be updated before we start tomorrow.

Teams standings:
Squads results:

May 012012

For all bowlers competing this weekend, please be advised that AMF has changed their policy on the use of EFTPOS and Credit transactions.

Unfortunately you will NOT be able to pay for Championships fees at the counter. Since there aren’t any ATMs either, please ensure you bring enough cash with you on the day or your cheque book. It is also acceptable to make direct deposits to the association accounts, we are able to verify them online at the event if need be (Please include your name).

Apr 212012

Hot off the proverbial press, attached is a PRE-RELEASE version of the 2012 ACT State Championships (inc Masters, Seniors Cup, Restricted Cup, and Rachuig, Restricted, Senior, and Youth Challenge Teams selections)

There was some back and forth about lane availability that has been resolved, and the squad times are final.

This version is Pre-Release because it’s not officially accredited from TBA yet, but this is the version that was sent away. We ARE accepting entries based on this form.

2012 ACT State Championships Pre-release

Apr 022012

As discussed at the AGM, this years State Championships will be held in May, and selections for Youth, Rachuig, Seniors, and Restricted teams will be made from that event.

The preliminary plan is that squads will run from approximately 10.30am on Saturday (May 5th) and 8.30am on Sunday 6th. Trophy events in the afternoon on the Sunday.

Bowlers nominating for an abovementioned team will bowl 15 games over the two days, being the first three squads Saturday and the first two squads Sunday, with the total of all five squads being ranked for positions in the team. Please read the entry form carefully when it comes out.

To fit it all in, this championship will be for ADULT BOWLERS ONLY, no junior entries. Junior bowlers wishing to nominate for the Youth team will pay full squad prices (exactly as the youth bowlers are) and be allocated spaces in the same squads to ensure fair and even competition, however will not be included in the championships scores. The working plan is for a junior version to be run in September for presidents shield trials. More on that to come down the track.

We are going to try pioneering some streamlined event compression this year, and all going well will return to a larger format championship over two weekends in 2013. The main aim here is to reduce the number of weekends that we’re all in the bowl, and the overall cost to everyone by having less events clogging up the calendar.

As part of the compression, the trophy event formats will be aligned. This is likely the last year we will be offering a representative spot in Open Masters, and in the interests of balancing the competitive nature of Masters with the concept of value for the bowlers, the format will change this year. All masters will be conducted simultaneously in the same format, and finalists in multiple divisions will have their scores counted appropriately into those divisions. Bowlers may now bowl Open Masters and Seniors Cup for example, without having to be disadvantaged by bowling another bunch of games in the same afternoon or paying two finals fees (note: finalists in two divisions will pay a higher finals fee than single division finalists, ie Lineage + Prizefund 1 + Prizefund 2). The logistics of this will be very complicated, and your feedback at the end will be most welcome.

With your support we can make this work, and if we can combine events like this we get lower overhead, and therefore more prizefund. Stay tuned here for an entry form announcement (hopefully release) next Monday, April 9th.

Feb 122012

The ACT Tenpin Bowling Association has completed the AGM wrapping up 2011 and commencing 2012.

The 2012 Board of Directors are Jeff Whitty (President), Gayle Shoesmith (Vice President), Tina Hohmuth (Secretary), Andrew Campbell (Treasurer), Michael Cooke (Disabilities), and a vacancy still exists for Development.

Other points of interest and outcomes from discussion;

  • Sandy Billingham is the ACT Representative Teams co-ordinator, and will oversee all entries and arrangements pertaining to all ACTTBA representative teams.
  • State Championships will be held in May 2012, to avoid the clash with the increasingly popular ATBSO(N) and Holt Challenge carnivals. This will likely be a continuing plan.
  • Teams for Rachuig, Restricted, Seniors, and Youth will be selected from the State Championships results. This was agreed in principle with details to be confirmed, stay tuned.
  • All board members will now be reimbursed for board-related travel on presentation of a log book at future AGMs. Such travel will only count if it’s a specific and necessary trip for board duties.
  • We will be filling a paid position to implement a $40,000 project this year with assistance from AMF and ACT Sport and Rec

For any inquiries, send an email to