Apr 272020

A proposal to adopt a new (completely revised) Constitution for the ACTTBA will be presented at the SGM planned for 23 May 2020.

I think that it is important that all ACTTBA members have their opportunity to review and, if necessary, comment on the draft before changes are adopted. The notice for the SGM (linked above) describes how comments and suggested edits can be forwarded prior to the SGM.

The following explainer provides the key points about why a re-draft is necessary.

Importantly, the transition from the old Constitution to the new Constitution has been considered. This plan is part of the proposal that will be presented at the SGM.

I know that reading Constitutions can be a viable treatment for insomnia. But it is important that ACTTBA members know that their association is run under a set of acceptable (and legal) rules for their benefit. All members are allowed to have a say in how their association is run, and the Constitution describes how that can happen in an orderly fashion. The old Constitution is already available on this website.

Apr 272020

The ACTTBA 2020 AGM and SGM previously advertised will now occur on 23rd May 2020. The slip in date is primarily due to gaining an understanding the COVID-19 situation.

Based on current COVID-19 restrictions, these meetings will be held purely in the digital realm without any face-to-face contact.

The SGM has been called to adopt a new Constitution for the ACTTBA – an important step in strengthening the foundations of the ACTTBA to enable the regular work to continue with fewer distractions.

In the AGM we are seeking some fresh faces on the Board. A functioning Board is essential to achieving the bowling outcomes we all want – we would like to see some competition for the positions from those who would like to progress bowling in the ACT into the future. Previous Board experience is not necessary, although some experience in a Treasurer position is preferred (but not mandatory) for those nominating for the Treasurer’s position.

Details of the meeting on-line ‘locations’ will be sent to registered attendees about a week prior.

Feb 122012

The ACT Tenpin Bowling Association has completed the AGM wrapping up 2011 and commencing 2012.

The 2012 Board of Directors are Jeff Whitty (President), Gayle Shoesmith (Vice President), Tina Hohmuth (Secretary), Andrew Campbell (Treasurer), Michael Cooke (Disabilities), and a vacancy still exists for Development.

Other points of interest and outcomes from discussion;

  • Sandy Billingham is the ACT Representative Teams co-ordinator, and will oversee all entries and arrangements pertaining to all ACTTBA representative teams.
  • State Championships will be held in May 2012, to avoid the clash with the increasingly popular ATBSO(N) and Holt Challenge carnivals. This will likely be a continuing plan.
  • Teams for Rachuig, Restricted, Seniors, and Youth will be selected from the State Championships results. This was agreed in principle with details to be confirmed, stay tuned.
  • All board members will now be reimbursed for board-related travel on presentation of a log book at future AGMs. Such travel will only count if it’s a specific and necessary trip for board duties.
  • We will be filling a paid position to implement a $40,000 project this year with assistance from AMF and ACT Sport and Rec

For any inquiries, send an email to inquiries@acttba.org.au

Feb 102012

Nominations and Notices have closed for this AGM. The only position under contest is that of Vice President, where incumbent Gayle Shoesmith and Deb Staier have both been nominated.

The remaining positions will be filled uncontested. I am the only nomination for President, Andrew Campbell the only for Treasurer, Tina Hohmuth for Secretary, Michael Cooke for Disabilities.

The position of Development Officer will be filled from the floor if interested parties are present, otherwise it will be filled at my discretion at a later time if necessary.

ACT Sport and Rec have finally made grants announcements and I can therefore finally publicly announce that we’ve secured an additional $15,000 from the government to run a $40,000 project aimed at bringing bowling to Disabilities and Seniors in 2012. AMF have committed a further $5,000 cash and almost $5,000 more in discounts, TBA have provided significant support and assistance, as well as COTA and Special Olympics. The remaining dollars will be generated by the program itself.

This program does include a resource to run it, and discussions are underway with AMF to see if there’s a mutually beneficial way we can share some costs of this resource and its goals.

As far as notices and general business goes;
1. Treasurers position to be paid. This is already permitted under the constitution, up to an amount agreed at an AGM. We need to discuss the amount ($0, if the decision is not to support it)
2. No two members of one family to hold positions on the board. The constitution currently specifies that no two family members should be signatories to the bank account, but doesn’t specify board positions.
3. The management team for ACT’s representative contingent to TBA Nationals needs to be set. This is more of a board matter than the AGM though.