Managers and Coaching Accreditation


TBA Coaches Accreditation

USBC Bronze and Silver courses now available through Tenpin Bowling Australia.

TBA Managers Accreditation

TBA Managers Accreditation Check List

  • Be a financial member of Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA)
  • Hold a current Apply First Aid certificate
  • Complete online course – ASADA e-Learning Level 1 Anti-Doping Course ASADA E-Learning
  • Complete online course – Play by the rules ‘Child Protection’ & ‘Harassment and Discrimination’
  • Complete education modules
    • Nutrition Module
    • Team Manager Rules
    • Team Manager Case Studies

TBA Managers Accreditation Application Process – ACTTBA Members

Step 1          Pay the course and accreditation fee to Tenpin Bowling Australia.

Step 2          Provide your TBA registration number.

Step 3          Provide a copy of your Apply First Aid Course Certificate (previously known as Senior First Aid).

Step 4          Provide certificate for completed online course – ASADA e-Learning

Step 5          Provide certificate for completed online course – Play by the rules

Step 6          Submit completed exams – Nutrition Module and Team Manager Rules. (80% pass mark required)

Step 7          Team Manager Case Studies exam to be presented to the Coaching Coordinator for final sign off.

Step 8          Notification of completion if passed or further review required if failed (step 8 is then repeated).

Step 9          Povide completed registration form, code of ethics form, child protection form and photos.

For more information on becoming an accredited Manager or Coach please contact the ACTTBA Development Officer at