Board of Directors


Our Association is run by a team of volunteers elected by the bowlers and board of directors. The various board members have varied duties and experience, we collaborate and utilise our independent skill sets to best represent all ACTTBA members. If you see one of us around your centre, feel free to have a chat and ask us any questions you may have – but please keep in mind we might be there to bowl or coach too!

Member Protection Information Officers
A Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) is the first point of call in sport associations for any enquiries, concerns or complaints around harassment and abuse under the Member protection Policy. More information on the TBA Member Protection Policy can be found by Clicking Here.

MPIO’s in the ACT (to be updated)

Current ACTTBA Board of Directors

Primary role and e-mailName
Alan Dyer
Vice-President/Deputy Chair
Damian McFarlane
Sandra Cusack
Gayle Shoesmith
Board Member (Disabilities)
Louise Cooke
Board member (Tournament Coordinator)
Tracy-Lee Elliss
Board member (Development)
Drew Charlton
Board member (Publicity)
Raymond Russell
Centre RepresentativeAnthony Liddle