Apr 272020

A proposal to adopt a new (completely revised) Constitution for the ACTTBA will be presented at the SGM planned for 23 May 2020.

I think that it is important that all ACTTBA members have their opportunity to review and, if necessary, comment on the draft before changes are adopted. The notice for the SGM (linked above) describes how comments and suggested edits can be forwarded prior to the SGM.

The following explainer provides the key points about why a re-draft is necessary.

Importantly, the transition from the old Constitution to the new Constitution has been considered. This plan is part of the proposal that will be presented at the SGM.

I know that reading Constitutions can be a viable treatment for insomnia. But it is important that ACTTBA members know that their association is run under a set of acceptable (and legal) rules for their benefit. All members are allowed to have a say in how their association is run, and the Constitution describes how that can happen in an orderly fashion. The old Constitution is already available on this website.

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