Mar 242020

Message from the President of the ACTTBA Board

It is with regret that I now have to post that due to the closure of both Zone Bowling centres in the ACT, all League activity has been suspended until further notice.

Zone Bowling were making strong efforts to ensure our participation in the sport remained safe and as low risk as they possibly could. However, Government direction regarding the COVID-19 has forced this situation.

Each individual League Management Committee must make the important decision on the future of their 2020 League. Will you hold out for a return later in the year, or will you close out the year? This is a decision for each individual League. Unfortunately, I do not have any information at this stage to help you make that decision.

I know that bowling is an important part of the social fabric for many of you. It is an opportunity to mingle with friends and have a laugh. This social aspect will be sorely missed.

I also know that for some groups, the regular bowling activity is more than a simple social enjoyment – it is part of getting out into society, part of one’s mental health care, or one of those pleasures that makes life bearable.

The ACTTBA Board will be continuing to work throughout this period of enforced isolation and will provide updates where possible. Please be patient, we are unlikely to get any relevant information for a while and we will not be posting ‘no change’.

TBA are posting information on their website: The ACT Government are also providing updates:

As always, if you find your mental health adversely affected, you should contact the appropriate mental health service provider, including Lifeline 13 11 44 (

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