Mar 162020

A message from the President of the ACTTBA Board

The ACTTBA Board is monitoring the current COVID-19 pandemic. The Board is taking the recommended risk-based approach and will update advice as required.

The current guidelines suggest avoiding gatherings of more than 500 people. In addition, in the ACT there is currently only one confirmed case, and that is being managed.

Zone Bowling have provided additional sanitisation supplies – bowlers are able to sanitise their hands during bowling. In addition, Zone Bowling have instigated additional cleaning routines.

ACTTBA strongly recommends that any unnecessary touching be avoided. This means that bowlers should refrain from the traditional “spike the strike and share the spare” practice (the high-fives).

ACT Championships

The ACT Championships are still on. The Tournament Committee will identify any additional precautions associated with the handling of money and paperwork. The ACTTBA Board already prefers EFT for the payment of fees.


ACTTBA sees no reason to change the conduct of leagues, noting the precautions already listed. In the meantime, the continuation or suspension of Leagues is a decision that can be made by each League Management Committee.

More information

More information is available from the Australian Government Department of Health Coronavirsu (COVID-19) health alert page (

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