Oct 152017

The 2017 Annual General Meeting of the ACT Tenpin Bowling Association will be held as follows:

Sunday 12 November 2017
AMF Tuggeranong


General Business will be permitted to be entered from the floor, time permitting, however it would be appreciated for items to be submitted in advance to allow for publication.

Proposed changes to the constitution must be advised in writing no later than COB 1.00pm on Sunday, 29 October 2017. To be introduced, such changes must be supplied as a Notice of Motion, signed by the proposing member and one other seconding member.

Re-election of treasurer and Coaching Coordinator will take place at this meeting. Nominations for positions to the board of directors must be advised in writing no later than COB 1.00pm on Sunday 29th October 2017. To be eligible, nominations must be supplied on a nomination form, signed by the member nominated, the member proposing nomination, and one other seconding member, and specify which position is being nominated for.

  • members may self-nominate, but still require a seconding member.
  • members may nominate for more than one position, on separate forms.
  • directorships open for nominations are treasurer and coaching coordinator as prescribed in the Associations by-laws.


Valid Notice of Motions and Nominations will be posted onto the ACTTBA Website on Tuesday 31st October 2017.

General business items will be listed on the ACTTBA website at regular intervals as they are submitted.

Individuals submitting paperwork via post must ensure that it reaches the PO Box prior to the appointed cut-off time. Forms may be submitted in person to any ACTTBA Board Member until 24 hours before the appointed cut-off time.

For any inquiries, please contact the president at president.acttba.org.au 

ACTTBA-Notice-of-Motion-Form ACTTBA-Constitution-2014 ACTTBA-By-Laws-2014 ACTTBA-Board-Nomination-Form ACTTBA AGM Notice


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