Dec 212016

The 2016 ACTTBA AGM held on 12 December, the following people will be ACTTBA Board Members for the next term:

President: Gayle Shoesmith (elected)
Vice President: Andrew Blissett (elected unopposed)
Secretary: Tina Hohmuth (elected unopposed)
Treasurer: Lauren Tait (continuing)
Disabilities Coordinator: Michael Cooke (continuing)
Coaching Coordinator: Mark Stephens (continuing)

Shortly after the AGM Corwyn Fitzpatrick withdrew from his position as tournament Coordinator and Chris Thomas has accepted an invitation to fill the role.

Ashley Latimer has also accepted an invitation to fill the vacant board AMF Nominee position.

Congratulations to all those elected and whom accepted invitations.

Please feel contact any of these people if you have anything to discuss with the board.

Below are the minutes from the 2016 AGM.


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