Feb 102012

Nominations and Notices have closed for this AGM. The only position under contest is that of Vice President, where incumbent Gayle Shoesmith and Deb Staier have both been nominated.

The remaining positions will be filled uncontested. I am the only nomination for President, Andrew Campbell the only for Treasurer, Tina Hohmuth for Secretary, Michael Cooke for Disabilities.

The position of Development Officer will be filled from the floor if interested parties are present, otherwise it will be filled at my discretion at a later time if necessary.

ACT Sport and Rec have finally made grants announcements and I can therefore finally publicly announce that we’ve secured an additional $15,000 from the government to run a $40,000 project aimed at bringing bowling to Disabilities and Seniors in 2012. AMF have committed a further $5,000 cash and almost $5,000 more in discounts, TBA have provided significant support and assistance, as well as COTA and Special Olympics. The remaining dollars will be generated by the program itself.

This program does include a resource to run it, and discussions are underway with AMF to see if there’s a mutually beneficial way we can share some costs of this resource and its goals.

As far as notices and general business goes;
1. Treasurers position to be paid. This is already permitted under the constitution, up to an amount agreed at an AGM. We need to discuss the amount ($0, if the decision is not to support it)
2. No two members of one family to hold positions on the board. The constitution currently specifies that no two family members should be signatories to the bank account, but doesn’t specify board positions.
3. The management team for ACT’s representative contingent to TBA Nationals needs to be set. This is more of a board matter than the AGM though.