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May 042017

Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) Limited are seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from junior athletes who are current TBA Junior Silver Members in 2017, interested in attending the 2017 National Junior Development Camp being held at the AIS in Canberra from Friday the 7th of July through to Monday the 10th of July 2017.

TBA is committed to supporting the development of our junior athletes and providing pathways and opportunities to support our elite and developing athletes to reach their potential.  Therefore the camp is open to both elite juniors as well as emerging athletes that have been talent identified who possess the potential to be future champions in our sport.

Please complete and return your expression of interest form before 5pm Queensland time on the 19th May 2017.

National Junior Camp 2017 – EOI Form

Apr 302017

**Updated – Lane patterns for trials are available below **

All ACT Bowlers wishing to roll off for an ACTTBA adult team for the national championships in Melbourne are requested to complete the nomination form below and return it to president@acttba.org.au or give to me in person.

Nominations close at 8pm on 9th May.

Please note, roll offs are Friday 12th at 6pm and Saturday 13th May at 12pm. Any bowler  not able to attend either or both sessions and wish to nominate must submit an exemption request for consideration, all exemption requests to be sent to president@acttba.org.au, also by  8pm on 9th May.

ACTTBA 2017 Nomination Form

Any queries please contact president@acttba.org.au.


Gayle Shoesmith



Lane patterns for team trials

Tuggeranong – Kegel Challenge Series BEATEN PATH 4541 50 uL

Belconnen – ABT 3


Apr 242017

Please find on the links below the patterns for the 2017 TBA Australian Adult Championships to be held at Wyncity (Point Cook) in Victoria later this year.

There are 2 patterns, with 1 used for the majority of the event with a 2nd pattern for the Australian Open Masters.

2017 Adult National Championships 39ft

2017 TBA Adult Masters 40ft

Bowlers should be aware that the lane surface at Wyncity is low in friction, resulting in less hook on the lanes than what we have here in the ACT. This should be taken into account when practicing on these patterns.

If you would like any further information on the lane patterns and what to expect please contact tournaments@acttba.org.au

Jan 162017

On behalf of the Board of the ACTTBA I am pleased to announce that at a meeting held at AMF Belconnen on Sunday 15th January Drew Charlton was appointed to the position of Development officer.

Drew brings with him a vast amount of experience at the top level of our sport and is a former president of the association. I look forward to his input and plans for a brighter future for us.

Welcome aboard Drew.

Gayle Shoesmith

President ACTTBA

Jan 162017

The ACT State Youth team have just returned from Sydney where they competed in the 2017 National Youth Cup and Challenge where we placed 6th in overall combined points, the men’s team also placed 6th and the women’s team 7th.

Our team found the going difficult in the Cup event with none of the team making the finals on day 2.

Monday’s training session was well utilised by all of the team as they worked on the weekends scoring in one last preparation for the Challenge.

In singles play on Tuesday the men’s team was headed by Nathan Shoesmith with a 7th place finish averaging 219 for the day. The women’s team was headed by Emily Rowland who finished 10th place averaging 189 closely followed by Amy Shoesmith in 12th place with 187 average.

The doubles on Wednesday saw our teams only success when honorary Canberran Rhys Woszczeiko (209 ave) and Nathan Shoesmith (233 ave) placed second with combined pinfall of 2655 for the silver medal by 2 pins from a fast finishing Singapore doubles combination. Amy Shoesmith (175 ave) and Emily Rowland (186 ave) place 13th in the women’s division.

In the teams event our men’s team placed 5th and our women’s team stormed home in the afternoon session to place 4th. Creditable averages for the day were Rhys Woszczeiko 216, Nathan Shoesmith 203, Amy Shoesmith 201 and Maryia Shoesmith 202.

For the all events our best performance was Nathan Shoesmith who missed all starring by 6 pins to finish in 5th place with pinfall of 3931 (average 218).

Rhys Woszczeiko 17th 3590 (average 199).

Nathan Riach 31st 3155 (average 175).

Keiren Gulyas 34th (average 173).

Amy Shoesmith 13th 3385 (average 188).

Emily Rowland 16th (average 185).

Maryia Shoesmith 26th (average 174).

Dakota Howard 31st (average 166).

Well Done to the entire team, they tried hard each day in hot and testing conditions and all averaged above their entering average for the event. We also thank Rhys for accepting our draft request and becoming part of the team.

It was announced that the 2018 event is once again at Campbelltown starting 13th January 2018 with the Youth Cup and the Challenge starting 16th January 2018.




Dec 242016

On behalf of the board members of the ACTTBA I would like to wish all of our members a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.

To anyone travelling, please travel safe.

We look forward to seeing you all back on the lanes in 2017.


Dec 242016

The 2017 ACTTBA Championships and Masters entry forms are now available on the Tournament and Events – Entry Form tab of the website.

Please note, entries completed to an all events in the championships are required for our current Presidents Shield team and eligibility into our 2017 Disability, Restricted and Senior Challenge Teams, Rachuig Teams and our 2018 Youth Challenge representative teams.

The Championships and Masters are Open to all bowlers and are an inclusive event.



Dec 212016

The 2016 ACTTBA AGM held on 12 December, the following people will be ACTTBA Board Members for the next term:

President: Gayle Shoesmith (elected)
Vice President: Andrew Blissett (elected unopposed)
Secretary: Tina Hohmuth (elected unopposed)
Treasurer: Lauren Tait (continuing)
Disabilities Coordinator: Michael Cooke (continuing)
Coaching Coordinator: Mark Stephens (continuing)

Shortly after the AGM Corwyn Fitzpatrick withdrew from his position as tournament Coordinator and Chris Thomas has accepted an invitation to fill the role.

Ashley Latimer has also accepted an invitation to fill the vacant board AMF Nominee position.

Congratulations to all those elected and whom accepted invitations.

Please feel contact any of these people if you have anything to discuss with the board.

Below are the minutes from the 2016 AGM.


Dec 042016

Just a reminder that the 2016 AGM will be held at AMF Tuggeranong on Sunday 11th December at 2.00pm

As per the ACTTBA constitution, voting rights will be allocated to all current ACTTBA board members as well as a nominated representative from each established league within the ACT and region where present at the meeting.

League voting delegates are encouraged to register prior to meeting by emailing vicepresident@acttba.org,au

Please see below notice of motions and board director nominations.
Notice of Motion

Board Director Nominations – the following nominations were received.

President: Andrew Blissett, Drew Charlton, Gayle Shoesmith
Vice President: Andrew Blissett
Secretary: Tina Hohmuth