Apr 272020

The ACTTBA 2020 AGM and SGM previously advertised will now occur on 23rd May 2020. The slip in date is primarily due to gaining an understanding the COVID-19 situation.

Based on current COVID-19 restrictions, these meetings will be held purely in the digital realm without any face-to-face contact.

The SGM has been called to adopt a new Constitution for the ACTTBA – an important step in strengthening the foundations of the ACTTBA to enable the regular work to continue with fewer distractions.

In the AGM we are seeking some fresh faces on the Board. A functioning Board is essential to achieving the bowling outcomes we all want – we would like to see some competition for the positions from those who would like to progress bowling in the ACT into the future. Previous Board experience is not necessary, although some experience in a Treasurer position is preferred (but not mandatory) for those nominating for the Treasurer’s position.

Details of the meeting on-line ‘locations’ will be sent to registered attendees about a week prior.

Apr 272020

A proposal to adopt a new (completely revised) Constitution for the ACTTBA will be presented at the SGM planned for 23 May 2020.

I think that it is important that all ACTTBA members have their opportunity to review and, if necessary, comment on the draft before changes are adopted. The notice for the SGM (linked above) describes how comments and suggested edits can be forwarded prior to the SGM.

The following explainer provides the key points about why a re-draft is necessary.

Importantly, the transition from the old Constitution to the new Constitution has been considered. This plan is part of the proposal that will be presented at the SGM.

I know that reading Constitutions can be a viable treatment for insomnia. But it is important that ACTTBA members know that their association is run under a set of acceptable (and legal) rules for their benefit. All members are allowed to have a say in how their association is run, and the Constitution describes how that can happen in an orderly fashion. The old Constitution is already available on this website.

Mar 242020

Message from the President of the ACTTBA Board

It is with regret that I now have to post that due to the closure of both Zone Bowling centres in the ACT, all League activity has been suspended until further notice.

Zone Bowling were making strong efforts to ensure our participation in the sport remained safe and as low risk as they possibly could. However, Government direction regarding the COVID-19 has forced this situation.

Each individual League Management Committee must make the important decision on the future of their 2020 League. Will you hold out for a return later in the year, or will you close out the year? This is a decision for each individual League. Unfortunately, I do not have any information at this stage to help you make that decision.

I know that bowling is an important part of the social fabric for many of you. It is an opportunity to mingle with friends and have a laugh. This social aspect will be sorely missed.

I also know that for some groups, the regular bowling activity is more than a simple social enjoyment – it is part of getting out into society, part of one’s mental health care, or one of those pleasures that makes life bearable.

The ACTTBA Board will be continuing to work throughout this period of enforced isolation and will provide updates where possible. Please be patient, we are unlikely to get any relevant information for a while and we will not be posting ‘no change’.

TBA are posting information on their website: https://www.tenpin.org.au/blog/2020/03/16/coronavirus-impact-on-upcoming-events/?_thumbnail_id=15108. The ACT Government are also providing updates: https://health.act.gov.au/about-our-health-system/novel-coronavirus-covid-19.

As always, if you find your mental health adversely affected, you should contact the appropriate mental health service provider, including Lifeline 13 11 44 (https://www.lifeline.org.au/)

Mar 172020

ACTTBA State Championships – CANCELLED

On Monday 16 March 2020 the ACTTBA Board made a difficult decision to cancel the 2020 ACTTBA State Championships which were to begin this weekend. This decision was based on the advice and information provided from TBA on Monday to State Boards regarding COVID-19 and the safety of the bowling community. While ACT may be considered to be low risk regarding COVID-19 at this stage, the Board agreed that the decision to cancel is in the best interest of all our bowlers and broader community.

All Entrants will be entitled to a full refund and will receive an email with details how this will be processed. 

Australian Junior Championships – CANCELLED  

TBA announced yesterday that the Australian Junior Championships scheduled to be held at ZONE BOWLING Mt Gravatt in April has been cancelled until further notice. The ACT team manager will manage and communicate outcomes.

Individuals in the ACT Presidents Shield team are congratulated and will be recognised for their achievements in making the team and will still be receiving their uniform including shirts and jackets.

National Disability Championships – CANCELLED

TBA in conjunction with the Australian Disability Tenpin (ADT) have made the decision to cancel the upcoming National Tenpin Bowling Championship for Persons with a Disability in June 2020 at ZONE BOWLING Mt Gravatt. This event will not be run in 2020.

TBA is currently working with Australian Disability Tenpin (ADT) on ensuring refunds for entries are processed. Due to the high number of entrants, please allow some time for this process to be completed. All bowlers will receive correspondence from ADT or TBA in the coming weeks updating you on this process.

Stay Updated with TBA

Please refer to the TBA link regarding COVID-19 decisions and to stay updated TBA COVID-19 Updates

Mar 162020

A message from the President of the ACTTBA Board

The ACTTBA Board is monitoring the current COVID-19 pandemic. The Board is taking the recommended risk-based approach and will update advice as required.

The current guidelines suggest avoiding gatherings of more than 500 people. In addition, in the ACT there is currently only one confirmed case, and that is being managed.

Zone Bowling have provided additional sanitisation supplies – bowlers are able to sanitise their hands during bowling. In addition, Zone Bowling have instigated additional cleaning routines.

ACTTBA strongly recommends that any unnecessary touching be avoided. This means that bowlers should refrain from the traditional “spike the strike and share the spare” practice (the high-fives).

ACT Championships

The ACT Championships are still on. The Tournament Committee will identify any additional precautions associated with the handling of money and paperwork. The ACTTBA Board already prefers EFT for the payment of fees.


ACTTBA sees no reason to change the conduct of leagues, noting the precautions already listed. In the meantime, the continuation or suspension of Leagues is a decision that can be made by each League Management Committee.

More information

More information is available from the Australian Government Department of Health Coronavirsu (COVID-19) health alert page (https://www.health.gov.au/news/health-alerts/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-health-alert)

Feb 252020

Save the Date – Saturday 2nd May 2020 @ 2pm

Location: Tuggeranong Zone Bowling

ACTTBA Special General Meeting and Annual General Meeting.

More information to come shortly and will be made available via this post.

Dec 092019

Entries are now open for the 2020 ACTTBA Championships in March

Complete your entry form by clicking here and find out more information.

Championships: 21st, 22nd, 28th and 29th March 2020

Download, print and return your entry form to tourney@acttba.org.au

For an Electronic Entry Form that can be downloaded, filled out and used in conjunction with the full entry form above click here

Log into tenpinresults.com.au for 2020 ACTTBA State Championship squad allocation and availability.*Hint: click on the event name under “Recent Events” and then “Information” to view all details.

Also if you are looking for team mates for squads we have a number of people ready to match up and looking for partners, contact tourney@acttba.org.au for all enquiries and assistance.

ACTTBA Championship Oil Pattern



Each bowler must use their highest league average ending the year of 2019 where a minimum of 18 games have been bowled.


The Championship is a graded scratch pinfall event held over a three (3) game series and comprised of the following squads:

  • Singles (S)
  • Doubles (D)
  • Trios (T)

Highest three (3) game series to win each grade in each case.

  • All Events (a combination of any singles, doubles and trios event)

An All Events Champion will be declared for every Grade. A bowler’s best appearance in Trios, Doubles and Singles shall count towards their All Events score, regardless of the Grade in which the events are bowled. Only one paid All Events entry will be accepted from each competitor. Mixed doubles and Mixed trios scores will count towards All Events entries


The Masters events include the Youth Open Masters, Disabilities Open Masters and the Adult Open Masters and are a total scratch pinfall event played over 7 games.

Qualifying for a Masters event will be based on the highest Singles or Doubles scratch series bowled in the championships where payment of the Qualification Attempt fee has been paid prior to commencement of the squad.

Bowlers may participate in multiple Masters events and where they are contested at the same time will be able to use 1 set of scores in both divisions. If a bowler progresses to the next stage (where applicable) in multiple events at the same time they will be required to nominate the final they would like to participate in. The payment amount for multiple Masters events will be at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.


The Cup events include the Junior Restricted Cup, Disabilities Classic Cup, Disabilities Restricted Cup, Seniors Cup and the Adult Restricted Cup and are a total handicap pinfall event played over 7 games.

Qualifying for a Cup event will be based on the highest Singles or Doubles handicap series bowled in the championships where payment of the Qualification Attempt fee has been paid prior to commencement of the squad.

Dec 022019

Would you like to represent ACT in Ten Pin Bowling at the Nationals in Tasmania in 2020?

Entries are now open for the 2020 ACT Adult Representative Teams Roll Offs, complete your entry form by clicking here and find out more information.

Roll Offs: 8th and 9th February 2020

Download, print and return your entry form to tourney@acttba.org.au


Walter Rachuig Trophy Team

The Walter Rachuig Trophy is designed to determine the best team of bowlers, male and female, from each of the represented areas. This Trophy is contested on a scratch basis, and is open to bowlers of all levels. A Rachuig team consists of Six (6) men and Six (6) women, with Five (5) of each on the lanes at any one time. There is no guarantee on number of games.

TBA Seniors Challenge Team

The TBA Seniors Challenge is a scratch competition that is contested as Singles, Doubles, and Teams. Teams consist of Four (4) men and Four (4) women, with all bowlers bowling all games.

TBA Restricted Challenge Team

The TBA Restricted Challenge is contested on a handicap basis and caters for averages up to a specified level. This event is primarily utilised as a pathway event for bowlers who are aspiring to be selected for a future Walter Rachuig Team. A Restricted team consists of Four (4) men and Four (4) women, with all bowlers on the lanes for all games. Bowlers make Three (3) appearances, being Singles, Doubles, and a Team event of Six (6) games each. Bowler’s averages are readjusted at the conclusion of the Singles and Doubles events.

TBA Adult National Championships

These three team events are held in conjunction with the TBA Adult National Championships, and all bowlers may (dependent on TBA Requirements) be required to complete an “All Events” entry at the 2020 Championships in July at Hobart, Tasmania.

Nov 182019

Youth Challenge and President’s Junior Interstate Shield Teams for 2020

The ACTTBA are pleased to advise that nominations are now open for the management teams to accompany the ACT Youth Challenge Team and ACT President’s Shield Team in 2020.

The ACT Youth Challenge Team will travel to Wyncity Bowl, Point Cook from Friday 10th January to Friday 18th January 2020. The following positions are being considered to accompany

this team;

  • Team Coach,
  • Team Manager
  • Team Technical Advisor
  • Team Assistant

The ACT President’s Junior Interstate Shield Team will travel to Zone Bowling Mt Gravatt, QLD from Thursday 16th April to Sunday 26th April 2020. The following positions are being considered to accompany this team;

  • Team Coach,
  • Team Manager
  • Team Technical Advisor
  • Team Assistant

All positions are for either Boys Team, Girls Team or Combined. If you are interested please download and complete the EOI form.