Jul 162016

Nominations are now open for all interested and suitably qualified Coaches and Managers for the 2016 ACT Adult Representative Teams. More information on the positions available can be found on the application form.

ACT TBA Team Officials EOI 2016

Candidates will need to obtain the relevant accreditation prior to August 31st 2016. It is important to note that although there are multiple positions listed for each team, this is only to allow flexibility for applicants to put forward specific interests to be involved with each team. It is anticipated that the Restricted and Seniors teams will have up to 2 officials, while the Rachuig team will have up to 3 officials.

Applicants are encouraged to provide a brief summary of why they would like to be involved with the team to accompany their completed application form. Nominations close at 5.00pm on Thursday 28th July 2016. For more information or to discuss your nomination please contact the ACTTBA Coaching Coordinator

May 132016

The 2016 ACTTBA Adult Team Trials will be held tomorrow morning at AMF Tuggeranong. CHECK IN is BEFORE 9AM, not 8:30AM as previously outlined on the website.

When checking in, bowlers will be asked to make payment for the selection event. The total amount is $130(including $20 nomination fee). This nomination fee only needs to be paid once, regardless of the number of teams a bowler is trialling for.

Payment can be made either in cash or by EFT to the ACTTBA. Proof of payment will be need to be sighted if paid electronically.

Following CHECK IN, bowlers will be briefed by the tournament director regarding the selection event logistics.

The format for Saturday is six (6) games of 4-man teams, followed by ten (10) games of doubles on the Sunday .

If you have any additional questions or queries, please contact the tournament director via email at coaching@acttba.org.au

May 112016

Following the nomination period closing last week, below are the nominations received for each team. The bowlers listed below will compete in the upcoming selection event to be held on the 14th and 15th of May. Following this event, team selections will be made by the appointed committee.

ACT Women’s Rachuig Team
Janet Baker
Jenny Burton-Douglass(exemption from selection event)
Tracey-Lee Ellis
Tina Hohmuth
Carranna Morris
Mary-Lou Pangilinan
Maryia Shoesmith
Clare Stephens(exemption from selection event)
Lauren Tait

Men’s Rachuig Nominations
Andrew Blissett (exemption from selection event)
Drew Charlton
Matt Francis
Mark Jordan
Allan Parbs
Nathan Shoesmith
Jeremy Spindler
Robert Townsend (exemption from selection event)
Chris Thomas

ACT Men’s Seniors Team Nominations
Keith Abram
Wayne Kelly
Noel Kelly
Ray Kruger
Graham Shoesmith
Craig Sproule
Andrew Willis
Albin Zagar

Women’s Seniors Nominations
Janet Baker
Jenny Burton-Douglass (exemption from selection event)
Tina Hohmuth
Marylou Pangilinan
Gayle Shoesmith

Men’s Restricted Nominations
Keith Abram
James Batley
Alan Dyer
Bradley Irby
Steven Joncevski
Anthony Lloyd
Nicholas Roots

Women’s Restricted Team
Tess Dyer
Toni Hogan

Selection Committee
Paul Delany
Aaron Kellett
Corwyn Fitzpatrick
Brett Thomas

Tournament Director
Mark Stephens

The oil pattern to be used for both days of the selection event can be found by clicking here. A reminder to all those competing in the selection event that check in is BEFORE 8.30am on Saturday the 14th of May at AMF Tuggeranong.

For more information on the selection of these teams and on the 2016 Adult National Championship, please speak with any of our ACTTBA Board Members.

Apr 102016

Nomination forms are now available for the 2016 ACTTBA Restricted Challenge, Seniors Challenge and Walter Rachuig teams. These teams will travel to and compete at the 2016 Adult National Championships to be held at Tenpin City, Lidcombe, NSW between Saturday 8th October and Saturday 29th October 2015.

Similarly to 2015, the ACTTBA board are using the selection structure allowing for a merit and performance based selection process rather than a straight roll off for positions. This will allow all bowlers the opportunity to represent the ACT, while growing and developing the representative bowler base in our region for the future. This selection structure was used in 2015 and on the back of the success of representative teams in 2015, the ACTTBA board will be using the same process for 2016.

All 2016 adult representative teams will be selected by the 2016 ACTTBA Selection Committee. This committee will be appointed immediately following the nomination period closing, requirements and qualifications for members of this committee can be found on page 3 of the nomination form. If you or anyone you know of may be interested in being a member of this committee, please send an email to president@acttba.org.au to express your interest.

The selection event will be conducted on Saturday 14th May at AMF Tuggeranong and Sunday 15th May at AMF Belconnen.

All nominating bowlers will be required to submit a resume to assist with the selection process, this should be completed on the ACTTBA Bowlers Resume Template selection priorities in their own format.

Any bowler who is unable to complete the selection event as described or is unable to meet the full eligibility requirements may apply to the ACTTBA Board for an exemption, which if granted will allow the bowler to be considered for selection into the team.

For more information on the selection of these teams and on the 2016 Adult National Championship, please speak with any of our ACTTBA Board Members.

Nominations for the 2016 ACTTBA Restricted Challenge, Seniors Challenge and Walter Rachuig teams close at 8.00pm, Wednesday 4th May 2015.


ACTTBA-Bowler-Resume-Template 2016



Mar 292016

Nominations are now open for all interested and suitably qualified coaches and managers for the 2016 ACT Open Disabilities and Cole Cup Teams. The teams are travelling to Melbourne in June this year.

More information on the positions available can be found on the application form or alternatively, you can contact the Coaching Coordinator (coaching@acttba.org.au).

Nominations close on 11am Thursday 7 April 2016.



Feb 212016

The 2016 ACTTBA Championships are now complete and full results can be found by visiting the Results Tab of the ACTTBA Website.

Weekend 2 saw squads bowled on Friday night and all throughout Saturday, followed by the Junior Youth Open Masters, Junior Youth Restricted Cup and Adult Open Masters being held on Sunday.

The 2016 Champions in each of these categories are below.

Junior Youth Restricted Cup – Jamie Dylan Tam

Men’s Junior Youth Open Masters – Kieren Gulyas

Women’s Junior Youth Open Masters – Maryia Shoesmith

Men’s Open Masters – Jason Osborne

Women’s Open Masters – Janet Baker

The ACTTBA Board of Directors would like to thank everyone for taking part in our 2016 Championships and look forward to seeing you all back again in 2017.

Feb 152016

The ACT Tenpin Bowling Association is currently seeking expressions of interest to fill a number of vacant director positions.

The ACTTBA is looking for people who have a variety of skills, so if you are motivated, have an enthusiasm for furthering the sport of ten pin bowling, and generally keen to help keep our association running, we would love to hear from you.

Current Vacancies include:

Vice President


Tournament Coordinator

Board Appointed Director

If you would like to become more involved, please send an email to president@acttba.org.au